It’s easy to have a school poster made!
This is how it works:

1.  A meeting is set up between senior school staff and El Glinoer in order to place an order, discuss the content, size and price of the montage. A date is arranged for El to come in and photograph the school. A 25% deposit is required at this point.

2.  El spends a day photographing all aspects of school life, capturing its locations, its layout, its people and its essence.

3.  A first draft photomontage is completed. A life size proof is presented to the school for comments, and modifications to be made are decided upon. A second instalment of 25% payment is required at this point.

4.  Following the changes, a second print is presented to the school for approval. At this stage the image is refined as final minor amendments may be made.

5.  A final high quality poster print is delivered to the school. On receipt of this, the final balance of payment is required.

6.  The whole process from start to finish takes approximately four weeks.  
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